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06/01/2016: Diztronic is opening a 2nd location in Orlando, FL. We will now have even quicker shipping times to the southeast region!.


01/20/2016: USPS has drastically increased the cost of postage. It used to cost between $6 and $7 to ship a single case to most countries, however after the recent increase is now costs $12 to to $13! Only a few years ago we could ship to most countries for under $2! We encourage International buyers to use our Authorized Distributor page to find local sellers of Diztronic products. Our most popular products can typically be found on all the various international Amazon sites as well.


11/27/2015: Diztronic OnePlus X Cases are expected to be released December 14th, 2015!


08/06/2014: We are pleased to announce that Cart2India LLC is our official authorized re-seller of Diztronic products in India and the UAE.


01/17/2014: Diztronic is please to announce the beginning of per-ordering for our new Voyeur Case for the LG Nexus 5. Take advantage of special early ordering pricing now through the end of January at the following link: https://tpu-cases.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=&products_id=371


12/30/2013: Diztronic will be closing early on New Years Eve and will be closed on New Years Day. Paid orders placed before 8:00PM CST Dec 30th will ship on Dec 31st. Orders placed after that time will ship Thursday, Jan 2nd. Happy New Year Everyone!


08/31/2013: USPS is closed on Sept 2nd in observance of Labor Day. Diztronic observes all USPS holidays and will also be closed starting at 11:00AM CDT on Saturday August 31st. We will re-open at 11:00am on Tuesday Sept 3rd. Orders placed prior to 11:00AM CDT Saturday 8/31 have been shipped. Orders placed after that time will ship out on Tuesday, Sept 3rd.


08/07/2013: We are experiencing technical difficulties on Amazon.com and our unable to take orders on their site as of 4:00pm yesterday. Our website however is fully operational. The latest update from Amazon is that their technical team would get back to us in the next 1-2 business days. Our Motorola X Phone cases are starting to arrive, and we are officially launching our Matte Back Black case today!


04/15/2013: Pre-Ordering for our Galaxy S4 Cases is open on Amazon, and will soon be open on our website. We are offering a discount on pre-orders placed before April 26th, at which point they will go up to $12.50 (TPU) and $9.95 (Hard Shells and Clear TPU) respectively. Amazon link is here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00BV96VDY


04/15/2013: We shipped all orders for our new Matte Back Black Extended Batter TPU Case for the Galaxy S III on Friday April 12th. Today we will ship all orders for our other three colors, High Gloss Clear, Matte Back Dark Blue and Pink GlitterFlex!


04/012/2013: Our Matte Back Black Extended Battery TPU Cases are in stock and ready to ship! The other 3 colors appear to be on track for Monday the 15th, but we are still advertising a ship date of the 17th just to be safe. Domestic customers who have pre-ordered the Matte Back Black Extended Battery TPU Case for the Galaxy S III should start seeing them arrive in mailboxes on Monday!


04/011/2013: Our Matte Back Black Extended Battery TPU Cases are currently estimated to be in stock tomorrow morning, Friday April 12th. Assuming no unexpected delays occur in transit, we plan to ship all orders out the same day. Around 90% of the orders we ship out on Friday get delivered to customers in the USA on Monday, with the remainder being delivered to USA customers on Tuesday. Look for tracking numbers to arrive in your email box in the very early morning hours Saturday (around 2:00am central time).


04/05/2013: Pre-Ordering is now open for our Matte Back Black Extended Battery Case for the Galaxy S3. We will start taking orders for the other 3 colors in the coming days..


04/03/2013: HTC One (2013) Cases are available now! In addition we completed our mold for our Galaxy S III Extended Battery Cases on Tuesday April 2nd. We are manufacturing cases now and expect to have some inventory in stock early next week. Matte Back Black will be ready first, with Matte Back Dark Blue, High Gloss Clear and our new color Pink GlitterFlex to follow shortly after. We may start taking orders a few days before launch, please subscribe to notifications by visiting the product page to get notified the second we make inventory available for ordering.



03/16/2013: HTC One Matte Back Black TPU Cases are in stock with Matte Back Aluminum Grey and Pink GlitterFlex to follow in the coming days. Galaxy S III Extended Battery Cases designed to work with Samsung's 3000 mAh Extended Battery Kit will be ready the first week of April. Galaxy S4 Cases will be ready well before launch as well.

03/01/2013: We are moving locations on Saturday March 2nd, so we will be closing Friday March 1st to prepare for the move. Orders placed after 4:00pm CST Feb 28th will not ship until Monday March 4th.


2/16/2013: USPS is closed on Feb 18th in observance of President's Day. Diztronic observes all USPS holidays and will also be closed. Orders placed after 12:00PM CST Saturday 2/16 will ship on Tuesday Feb 19th.

2/05/2012: BlackBerry Z10 Cases are here! Today we are launching our Matte Back Black case for the Z10! Later in the week well be launching High Gloss Clear, Pink GlitterFlex and Clear GlitterFlex.

1/30/2012: International ordering is temporarily disabled until we can adjust our shipping price settings. There was a major rate increase by USPS on the 27th. For example, 2 ounces to Canada is now $6.16, previously it was under $2.00. We obviously cannot continue to charge a flat rate of $2.50 for international orders. For the time being International customers should order on eBay, as they have the correct shipping prices: http://stores.ebay.com/TPU-Cases.

1/17/2013: USPS is closed on Jan 21st in observance of Martin Luther King Day. Diztronic observes all USPS holidays and will also be closed. Orders placed between Saturday afternoon 1/19 and Tuesday afternoon 1/22 will ship on Tuesday Jan 22nd.

12/31/2012: USPS closes early on 12/31/12 in observance of New Years Eve and is closed on New Years Day. Orders placed before 11:00AM CST on 12/31 will ship the same day, orders placed after 11:00AM CST will ship on Wednesday Jan 2nd.

12/26/2012: I will be departing to Las Vegas for NYE and the CES Convention on Friday. Stephanie will be moving from order fulfillment to take over my duties while I'm away, which includes handling our support tickets. Everything will be business as usual in my absence, all orders will ship on schedule and support tickets will be answered within 24 hours (hopefully much sooner). I wish everyone a happy new year! -Clay

12/24/2012: Our local USPS closes at 2:00PM so our cut-off time is a little earlier today, orders placed before 11:30AM Central will ship today, later than that will ship Wednesday. Merry Christmas everyone, and thank you for making this Holiday season Diztronic's best ever! -Clay

12/21/2012: Almost 20" of snow hit Madison, WI but Diztronic is still working hard! The parking lot of the post office was completely empty with the exception of our truck. As long as the post office is open, Diztronic is open!

This will come as exciting news for many of you, Samsung is officially launching a 3000mAh extended battery & door for the Galaxy S III! Diztronic will be making both TPU and Ultra Thin One Piece Hard Shell Extended Battery Cases for the Galaxy S III. Our TPU case will be based on our new "seamless design" that we've used for our iPhone 5, Maxx HD, HTC 8X, Nexus 4 cases and others. Please keep in mind our case will be designed around the official Samsung 3000mAh battery, it will not work with other generic/chinese batteries as they use a different shaped door. How soon they will be available depends on how quickly we are able to obtain the extended battery. A rough estimate assuming we receive the extended battery in the next 10 days would be mid to late January 2013. As always, check this page for updates!

12/20/2012: The Nexus 4 is spoken for. We are currently having blizzard conditions in Wisconsin. Diztronic will be processing orders today, but it may be possible our local USPS will close. If that happens orders will be shipped the following day. High Gloss White Ultra Thin Hard Shell Cases for the Nexus 4 are in stock and ready to ship. I'll have pictures posted this afternoon.

12/19/2012: I have 1 16GB LG Nexus 4 still sitting in it's original sealed shipping box. I'm going to make it available at cost to the first Diztronic customer (must of either ordered a Diztronic or TPU-Cases product from our website or Amazon prior to 12/19/12 and be able to provided me with the order number). Price is $382.95, which is what I was charged by Google after tax and shipping. I'll ship it via Priority Mail free of charge, or I'll ship it via USPS Express Mail for an extra $10.00. Email . Sorry, I will not ship this overseas, only to your PayPal confirmed US address.

12/17/2012: Our Matte Back Black TPU Cases for the Galaxy Note II are in stock and ready to ship. High Gloss Clear and Pink GlitterFlex will be in stock in the next 7 days. I'll have pictures up of the Matte Back Black case this afternoon.

12/13/12:: Our Matte Back Black TPU Cases for the AT&T Version of the LG Optimus G are available to ship to customers today. We are having a hard time locating a model phone to take pictures of our cases on, so there are no pictures up currently. It looks almost identical to the Sprint version except it has a molded power button instead of a cutout. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Matte Back Black TPU Cases are scheduled to be in stock on Monday the 17th. High Gloss Clear and Pink GlitterFlex will follow shortly after.

12/11/2012: Limited inventory of our Rubberized Black Finish Ultra Thin Hard Shell Case for the Nexus 4 (should we come up with a shorter name?) is being delivered to us today from the factory. Orders placed before 3:00PM CST/CDT today will ship today. I'll have pictures up this afternoon.

12/10/2012: Thank you to our customers that have taken the time to write reviews on Amazon for our latest Nexus 4 case, it's extremely appreciated as always! Our Nexus 4 hard shell case in black will be in stock on Wednesday 12/12/12. Wow, didn't realize we were approaching the apocalypse already ;) The initial batch is limited to only 300 pieces so you'll want to order quickly. Note 2 should be in stock by the end of the week. Optimus G for AT&T should be ready to go next Monday the 17th.

12/04/2012: Matte Back Smoke and Matte Back Purple are now in stock for the LG Nexus 4. Pictures will be posted around 2:30PM Central Time. You can check our Droid Razr M section for an example of what Matte Back Purple looks like for the time being.

We finished our hard shell case for the Nexus 4, I have the finished product in my hand and it fits the device perfectly, and protects the front of the device. No issues like Rearth had, as we didn't use CAD data to design our case we used the actual phone. You can release earlier using leaked CAD data like they most likely did, but you run the risk of that data being bad. We've learned that the hard way ourselves in the past. This is why you don't take pre-orders for an untested product :)

12/03/2012: Matte Back Black TPU Cases for the Nexus 4 are here!!!! The finished product looks amazing, it's definitely one of the best cases we've ever made. Orders placed before 3:00PM Central time today will ship the same day. Matte Back Smoke and Matte Back Purple for the Nexus 4 will be in stock tomorrow.

Our Matte Back Black and Matte Back Purple (which looks stunning) for the Motorola Droid Razr M also are in stock today.

11/30/2012: The first batch of Matte Back Black TPU Cases for the Nexus 4 are on it's way to us from the factory. We are opening up orders now as the first shipment is limited to 1500 pieces. We are estimating a ship date to customers of Tuesday December 4th assuming there are no delays in transit. Pictures will be posted the day they arrive.

11/28/2012: We are on schedule to have our Nexus 4 Matte Back Black TPU Cases available to ship to customers on Monday December 3rd. Our Nexus 4 Hard Shell cases will be available less than a week later. Other Nexus 4 TPU Case colors are soon to follow.

We will also have our Matte Back Black and Matte Back Purple Droid Razr M cases in stock either Friday November 30th or Monday December 3rd!

Droid DNA Matte Back Black and Matte Back Hot Pink are available as of Monday November 26th!

Note II cases should be in stock the week of December 10th.

11/23/2012: Happy Black Friday Everyone! Today we are shipping Optimus G (for all carriers other than AT&T) Matte Back Black Cases, as well as Pink and Purple GlitterFlex Cases for the Droid Razr Maxx HD! Don't forget to click on "Black Friday" at the top of the site to see our discount codes. They will expire tomorrow morning.

11/22/2012: Our Matte Back Black TPU Cases for the HTC Droid DNA will be in stock and ready to ship on or before 11/27/12. We are taking orders for them now. Happy Turkey Day!

11/21/2012: We have two pieces of news to share with you today. First is our LG Optimus G (Sprint) Matte Back Black TPU Cases will be available to ship to customers on Black Friday. You can start placing orders now! Second, we uploaded some CAD renders of our Nexus 4 TPU Case design for your viewing enjoyment.

11/19/2012: Our HTC 8X cases are in stock and ready to ship. This might be the best looking Diztronic case ever made!


I've been working on the site for the past 72 hours. I think it's a considerable improvement over the previous site, but it still has a ways to go before it's complete. Bare with me as I get everything working. If you have any issues please open a support ticket. If there are any graphic designers out there that would like to make a few banners for our home page please reach out to us, you will be compensated if we use them. -Clay

October 2011: TPU-Cases is now know as Diztronic.